Staff blog

Hi I haven’t blogged in a while… can probably imagine why!

Nonetheless, here we are back at school, as I type I can hear the reassuring tones of Mrs Thompson and her embedded clauses, the joy of Year 1 doing music and maths at the same time and the general buzz of a school.

Reopening was very much like being a swan. Calm and serene on the exterior whilst under the water paddling like crazy. The logistics involved in moving children at the best of times can be tough, but doing so whilst 2m apart is tricky! We are however open and here. Children are resilient beings who have tremendous coping strategies and as a whole entered without batting an eye lid, whilst parents on the other hand looked on anxiously.

Phase one has happened and with minimal teething problems, so now is on to trying to plan for phase 2 and beyond. It is much like trying to second guess the wind, but as we have all the way through this crisis we will keep the children at heart of all decision making processes and be guided by our mantra, Nature, Nurture, Flourish and fly.

Please stay safe, have fun and we will see you all very soon.