Our school Special Educational Needs Policy takes account of the Secretary of State requirements, within this policy is the Schools policy for gifted children. A copy of the policy is available in school.

The aims of the school are:

  • All children with Special Educational Needs should experience a broad and balance curriculum adapted and matched to each individuals’ needs.
  • All staff are aware of pupils with Special Educational Needs, the nature of their needs and how those needs may be met.
  • Opportunities are provided for full development of high achievers.
  • All children have maximum access to a variety of resources and materials.
  • There are clear assessment, recording and evaluation procedures in place.
  • Children are not isolated from their peers and are encouraged in their work situation.
  • All children experience success, gain in confidence and improved self-esteem.
  • We try to ensure that all children who may find access to the normal curriculum more difficult due to their ethnic origin, cultures and traditions will be specifically catered for, as their need is assessed.

Class teachers are responsible for their classes and meeting the needs of individual pupils. However, if there is a concern raised by a parent/s or teachers that a child is having difficulties or has special needs of any form the School Special Needs Policy is consulted.

At Seething and Mundham Primary School the format for children identified as having a Special Need is as follows:

Cause for Concern
Raising awareness of a child who may be experiencing difficulties.  Parents are informed.

SEN Support
Class teacher identifying problems and adapting the Curriculum as required.  Discussion with Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator Mrs MacKenzie.  Collecting of information, use of school resources. Action plans are formulated with the child, their parents and the class teacher. At this stage if extra support or advice is needed external support services will become involved.

Statutory Assessment – EHCP (Education and Health Care Plans)
Long term difficulties may result in the needs for a statutory assessment being considered. This involves formal assessment and if appropriate will result in a statement of special educational needs. Parents are involved with this process as soon as a child’s special need materialises. The Special Needs Policy is also used to identify and thus ensure the full development of high achievers. The Policy has been proven to be highly effective in identifying and providing for children with Special Needs.  Monitoring and record keeping is thorough.  Each pupil identified has an Individual Education Plan and these are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.

Whole school assessment, pupil tracking, teacher assessment and liaison with pre-school  providers is used to support early identification of children with SEND.  The SENDCo meets with all teaching staff and parents regularly to discuss progress.  The school support team, consisting of Educational Psychologists, Behaviour Support and Learning Support, meet once a term. External support is allocated at these meetings matched to the level of need, be it behaviour, learning or medical from other agencies.

Pupils with Disabilities
We welcome all children regardless of disability but occasionally the admission of a child into school with a statement or other specific needs may have to be assessed with the child’s parents, teachers, governors and the Local Education Authority to ensure that the school can meet his/her needs adequately.

All children are absorbed into the caring ethos of the school.  The curriculum is planned to include opportunities to develop self esteem and mutual respect.

Individual Education Plans when necessary ensure appropriate access to the curriculum.