Welcome to Bittern Class

We are the Reception and Year 1 children.

Mrs MacKenzie and Miss Williams are our class teachers, with Mrs Barrie as our Teaching Assistant.

We are very lucky to have a lovely, large classroom, with our own enclosed, outside area for our fantastic outdoor learning.

This year (2017/18) we have 13 reception and 13 Year One children.

Our topic is Monsters and Aliens.

Our roleplay area has changed this term to reflect our new topic – it is now a spaceship complete with controls, observation station and unusual items collected during space travel! Children can explore and learn through engaging, topic-related activities.  We can access these through our 'Discover and Do' time (Reception children), or when we have finished our directed activities (Year One children).

Supporting your child in Bittern Class

Please see the attached website and files with ideas and resources to help you support your child at home:


Most importantly, please read and enjoy books together!