Hawks_Autumn Term_2017

Supporting your child at home:

If you are keen/willing to support your child at home with their education, it would be useful if you could help them in learning

  • their times tables thoroughly and some mental maths calculations on doubling, halving, multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000
  • finding halves, quarters and three quarters of a number(also thinking about 50%, 25% and 75%)
  • Spellings of high/medium frequency words
  • Remind them the vocabulary in terms of grammar that we’ve learnt in class.

Some useful websites:


SPAG.COM: Please follow the link here to login to our Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar homework site.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Website


MyMaths: Please follow the link here to login to our Maths homework site.

MyMaths Website